Automating npm install

May 18, 2021
I’ve previously written about using Make as a command interface for your repository and the other day, I ran into a situation where using Makefiles takes away a real-life annoyance for teams working on NodeJS and other Javascript or TypeScript based projects. When growing teams work in repositories that use NPM for Yarn for package management, dependency updates will enter the local workspace frequently when the main branch is pulled. Unless you’re religious about running npm install after every git pull, updating local dependencies of often omitted and sometimes leads to confusing red herring bugs or in the very least, lost time...

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“Make” as a command interface to your repository

November 21, 2020
Back in 1976, when Make first entered the scene, it solved the problem of automating dependency aware software builds. By defining what sources a build target operates on, it could automatically determine what should be compiled based on what files had changed, thus saving on computing time while guaranteeing correct builds. Command vs Automatic Targets The ability to define build targets that could be invoked from the command line as make arguments, quickly lead to Make being used for other tasks than just building software, think of make install for example...

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